Do you Chew Ice? 6 Things About Ice Eating/Chewing/Craving

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to eating, sucking and chewing ice.
Image from: 1000 Awesome Things (really awesome blog)

If I look at that ice cold glass of Coca-Cola up there, the first thing I would want to do is not gulp down that refreshing sugary drink, but I'd scoop up a big spoonful of that crushed ice and chew on them instead. Insane, you say? Yes, I think I have an ice addiction.

I don't know since when, but I know I have always liked to finish off the ice in my glasses after the glass is empty of whatever drink I'm having. But recently, RECENTLY (I don't know whether it's my crazy pregnancy hormones or something), I MUST have ice. Any image and thought of ice would make me go to the freezer to pop in an ice or two in my mouth. And sometimes I go for seconds too. Most of the times, I really crave ice.

So being the Food Techie that I am, I googled the topic of course. And I found out that there IS a thing called ice addiction! Here are some really cool, funny and interesting things I stumbled upon.

6 facts about Ice Eating/Chewing/Addiction:
  1. Ice eating could be a sign of iron deficiency: It could signify you lack iron and might suffer from anemia.
  2. Ice eating is a form of "pica": An appetite for substances not fit for food, such as clay or paper products.
  3. Ice craving has a scientific name: Pagophagia
  4. There are online communities for ice eating! A forum: Complete with discussions, recipes and stories from ice chewer! And also a Facebook Page with more than 5000 fans!
  5. Chewing ice spoils your teeth: It wears down your enamel and might also chip or crack them.
  6. Chewable ice is a business: Some drive-thrus sell chewable ice in cups or bags, and ice manufacturers make ice machines that compete for "the best chewable ice" with names like Chewblet, Nugget Ice and Pearl Ice.
Hah! How peculiar. Meanwhile, I'm going off to get more ice from the freezer. Does anyone else have this strange habit :)?

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Che Kay said...

huhu dah tua2 tak kunyah ais sudah. tak tahan sejuk. =)

FoodTechie said...

macam gila. Tgk gambar coke tu terus pegi cari ice. Kena check my iron level ni..

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Anonymous said...

saya pengigit ais tegarrrrrr dan masih mencari cara macam mana nak quit from this habit. T-T

setiap kali balik kerja kene singgah 7e untuk beli a cup of ice dan konon isi air sekali padahal nak icenya...

atau kalau malas nak berjalan jauh sy singgah kedai betul2 belakang rumah beli ais 50 sen. buat stock seminggu...

Sy rasa sy mmg PICA sebab sebelum start this habit sy suka kunyah beras sahaja atau nescafe + gula tanpa air.. Arghhh.. Why im so weird!

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