Butter Fried Prawns Recipe (by Try Masak)

-Butter fried prawns: An all time Malaysian favourite.
Image from Laksa Shiok.

I have discovered a gem in the world of cooking. Of course, I have my recipe books and Mummy and my grandmother to consult to about how to cook. However, the use of the internet is such a refreshing way to look up any and whatever recipe you can think of! There are blogs, forums, Facebook groups, etc... And then I stumbled upon: Try Masak.

What's so great about them? They are a Malaysian Online Cooking and VIDEO Channel. Yes, you can learn how to cook by videos! And the best part is (unlike You Tube), you can find many many Malaysian recipes! It's far easier to understand how to cook a meal, particularly Malay dishes, because I think it is more complicated, requires more skills and also ingredients if compared to other types of cuisine. So that's why I visit Try Masak often! For all the other Western dishes, usually just the written recipes will do, I can read it and try it out without much difficulty. For Asian cooking, I'll consult Try Masak! :)

So one of the recipes I'm attempting by learning from the videos by Try Masak is Butter Fried Prawns (GASP!) To me it sounds difficult very difficult to cook, and I always just have it at any Chinese/Thai/Malay seafood restaurant.... It's always yummy yummy yummy! This recipe was also one of the most viewed recipes on Try Masak, so it is very popular. After much scrutinizing of the video recipe, I was off to try, here's the recipe, adapted to my tastes (with the video too!) :) :

(Click above to view the video recipe)

The fragrant aroma and buttery-ness just kills me! Absolute favourite!

BUTTER FRIED PRAWNS RECIPE (Resipi Udang Goreng Mentega)

16 pcs prawns - medium size (I think unshelled tastes better because it traps the juices when cooking)
2 eggs - lightly beaten
5 tbs. oatmeal (Nestum)
1 stem curry leaves
5 pieces bird's eye chillies (cili padi) - sliced
3 cloves chopped shallot
2 cloves chopped garlic
1/4 cup chicken stock
3 tbs. butter
1 tsp. sugar
Pepper & salt to taste

  1. Deep-fry prawns in hot oil for about 1 minute. Remove and put it aside. Don't overcook.
  2. Reduce the oil (at least by half or it will be too oily), and put in the butter. When it melts, pour in the eggs and stir to cook until they become crispy fried strings/pieces. -This is a technique to be mastered I didn't manage to cook the eggs well enough for it to be flaky and crispy like in the restaurants... :(
  3. Add shallots, chicken stock, bird’s eye chillies, curry leaves, salt, pepper and sugar. Stir well until frgarant and curry leaves wilt -This was when the aroma GETS to you, really amazing!
  4. Put in the prawns and oatmeal. Mix well to coat evenly with egg mixture.
  5. Serve piping hot with rice a side of rice.
  6. Done!
I served this with Kailan Goreng (Stir-fried kailan) and Telur Dadar (Egg omelette). The best part about this dish is the awesome aroma, thanks to the butter and curry leaves. And the bird's eye chilli's really do pack a punch! Sigh, just like having a meal out in a seafood restaurant. Well done to me *pat pat*

Thanks Try Masak, Anyone Can Cook Indeed! :-D

P.S: Does anyone know how to make the egg flaky and stringy!!??

Link: http://www.trymasak.my/ [*...Psst! Full Article is HERE*]

Do you Chew Ice? 6 Things About Ice Eating/Chewing/Craving

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to eating, sucking and chewing ice.
Image from: 1000 Awesome Things (really awesome blog)

If I look at that ice cold glass of Coca-Cola up there, the first thing I would want to do is not gulp down that refreshing sugary drink, but I'd scoop up a big spoonful of that crushed ice and chew on them instead. Insane, you say? Yes, I think I have an ice addiction.

I don't know since when, but I know I have always liked to finish off the ice in my glasses after the glass is empty of whatever drink I'm having. But recently, RECENTLY (I don't know whether it's my crazy pregnancy hormones or something), I MUST have ice. Any image and thought of ice would make me go to the freezer to pop in an ice or two in my mouth. And sometimes I go for seconds too. Most of the times, I really crave ice.

So being the Food Techie that I am, I googled the topic of course. And I found out that there IS a thing called ice addiction! Here are some really cool, funny and interesting things I stumbled upon.

6 facts about Ice Eating/Chewing/Addiction:
  1. Ice eating could be a sign of iron deficiency: It could signify you lack iron and might suffer from anemia.
  2. Ice eating is a form of "pica": An appetite for substances not fit for food, such as clay or paper products.
  3. Ice craving has a scientific name: Pagophagia
  4. There are online communities for ice eating! A forum: Complete with discussions, recipes and stories from ice chewer! And also a Facebook Page with more than 5000 fans!
  5. Chewing ice spoils your teeth: It wears down your enamel and might also chip or crack them.
  6. Chewable ice is a business: Some drive-thrus sell chewable ice in cups or bags, and ice manufacturers make ice machines that compete for "the best chewable ice" with names like Chewblet, Nugget Ice and Pearl Ice.
Hah! How peculiar. Meanwhile, I'm going off to get more ice from the freezer. Does anyone else have this strange habit :)?

Read also my previous post: Food Cravings -The Facts

More reads: Chew This Over. Munchable Ice Sells like Hot Cakes.

[*...Psst! Full Article is HERE*]

New Food Trend: Anti-Ageing Snacks

The range of health-improving and anti-ageing snacks from Italian brand's Barilla: Alixir. Yes, these snacks are meant to be eaten for you to gain a more youthful life...
Image from: Milano Dabere

Update! Anti-ageing snacks looks like the way to go for food manufacturers. Due to the rising interest in "ageing gracefully" and consumers now wanting to manage their health better with their diet, it's not surprising that the category "SNACKS" can in turn be something health related. I was posting about foods that can help you lose weight, and looks like health indeed is the way to go now.

These snacks are obviously for the more premium market.
Image from: Prosumer

Countries like Japan and Italy (with the bakery and cereal company, Barilla - pictured above) are leading the way into making anti-ageing snacks. Barilla's Alixir brand has a range of bakery goods and snack-based products like bread, biscuits, cereal bars and soft drinks that can (check this out): help maintain a healthy heart, strengthen the immune system and improve intestinal health among others.

However, such foods might face problems from food legislators and regulators regarding its health claims and fortification of such foods. Obviously, it is not going to be too easy also for these food companies to sell off their products everywhere due to differences in food laws and regulations.

Source: Bakery and Snacks [*...Psst! Full Article is HERE*]

Weekly Meal Plan 9/11/09

Ooh... how ironic, Food Techie is down with a bout of food poisoning. Well, things happen right? So missed out on a few days of cooking, got to get back on track!

This Week's Meal Plan

  • Monday: Chicken in creamy turmeric sauce, with steamed vegetables - Dome Cafe rip off again :) -recipe out soon.
  • Tuesday: Chicken noodle soup - because I was very sick and that's all I could eat :(
  • Wednesday: Spicy turmeric chicken stir-fry with rice
  • Thursday: Mee hailam - Malaysian-style yellow egg noodles.
  • Friday: Grilled herbed tenggiri steak with potatoes.
  • Saturday: Spagetti with meatballs.
  • Sunday: Eating out day! :-D
[*...Psst! Full Article is HERE*]

Yes, Food Techie's Pregnant! :-)

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